Teju Lizard Pointy Toe Boots

PCM Black Lizard X Toe required
Width required

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This boot has genuine teju lizard on the vamp and counter with a 13 inch top. It looks good both ways dressy or casual you can pull it off any way you want to. You can wear this with black, slate, grey denim. If you want to weat a suit it will look sweet with charcoal or a black tuxedo.

  • Sporty and elegant hand crafted Teju lizard boot
  • J toe is a pointy round toe tip
  • 1 3/4" stacked leather Cuban heel
  • Detailed with braided side seam and collar
  • 5 row fancy pattern
  • 13 inch tall top
  • Lemonwood hand pegged with 3/4 welt stitch

Exotic Boots cannot be shipped internationally.