Fitting and Sizing Your Boots

Cowboy Boots generally run as your normal shoe size. In a perfect world everyone is one size on on both feet since it is not we gladly and specialize in doing custom fittings. You can either come in to our store to be properly fitted or you can do it yourself.

If you choose to do it yourself at least have a partner to help you tango. You want to stand on an even, flat surface because you will do a little drawing or tracing, we're going back to kindergarten with this. Slip a paper underneath both feet. Trace around each foot with a pencil or preferably a pencil. Be sure you’re wearing thin socks or to be barefoot to get the most accurate outline of both feet.  Keep the pencil straight up perfectly perpendicular to the floor. Freehand draw a straight line down from the tip of the longest toe to the heel. Then at the widest point sketch another line dividing the foot. Write down the measurements and contact or email us your DIY fitting.


How should my boot go on and fit? 

Your new cowboy boots should fit firm across the instep at the top of your foot and your toes should have room to wiggle. Putting your boots on is best done by slipping your foot into the boot while seated. Then stand up and give the ear pulls a tug. It is important to have a bit of heel slippage in a new boot (a half inch to an inch). To some it feel almost like having a flip flop while walking. Once the boot breaks in the slip in the heel will lessen. You may also feel some friction in the ankles. If that happens you can put your hand in the boot with some conditioner and rub the area till it get softer. Gradually, the slippage and any tightness will go away in a few days as the leather breaks in.


Options if your boot is too tight.