Your handcrafted, artisan-made cowboy boots should be the most comfortable pairs of shoes you own. Here are some tips and guidelines for ensuring that you get the perfect fit. 

How should my boot go on and fit?

Your boots should fit firm across the instep at the top of your foot, like a solid handshake where shoelaces would normally be. Your toes should have room to wiggle, and should sit back 1" to 1 1/2" from the tip of the boot. It is important to have a bit of heel slippage in a new boot, with the heel coming up 1/4" to 1" while walking. Once the boot breaks in, the slip will lessen. 

If you encounter a little resistance getting boots on at first, this is normal! It is best to slip your foot into the boot while seated, and then stand up and pull the side tabs. If you have a high instep, you may have to pull harder and/or use the plastic bag we provide inside the box to assist you until the boot breaks in. You may also feel some friction in the ankles. If that happens you can put your hand in the boot with some conditioner and rub the area until it get softer. Gradually, the slippage and any tightness will go away as the leather breaks in.

If your boot feels too tight:

  • Have a shoemaker or repair shop stretch it
  • Send it to us to stretch
  • Wear a thick sock with the boot for the a week
  • Wear a thinner sock
  • Have a friend with bigger foot wear 'em around a little :)

If your boot feels too loose:

  • Insert padded insoles for size adjustment and extra cushion
  • Wear a thicker sock
  • Re-last the boot to a smaller size (we can do this for you, so contact us!)