Caring for Your Boots

Congratulations on purchasing your new boots! At Space Cowboy Boots we sell handcrafted boots of the highest quality. They are built to last for many years with only a little care.

1. We recommend retaining the boots shape by getting yourself a pair of shoe shapers. Put them in the boots as soon as you take them off. They will preserve the original shape and assist to prevent the boot from potentially looking saggy. Shoe Shapers by Planet Cowboy will soon to be available to purchase online at our shop.

2. Preserve the leather Sole: We suggest using mink oil if you live in inclement weather on the sole of the foot, sides of the soles and all around the heel. It’ll prevent the soles and heels from being dried out and splitting. This also is a great waterproofer, not that you can go trekking through rivers and ponds. Use the mink oil at least once a month or as much as needed on the sole, side sole and heels. Mink oil is a must if you want to preserve the original leather sole.

3: To condition the leather: At Space Cowboy we highly recommend Blackrock Leather N Rich which we sell at all of our store and online. Use the blackrock monthly or as needed to condition and moisturize the leather. Be thorough and neat when conditioning. For an aged look the application is not needed as often.

4. You should keep the welt stitch good and clean by brushing them with a soft bristle toothbrush or any sort of small brush every month or so.

5. Re-lasting a boot is expensive. If you walk around on pavement a lot, soon enough you're going to put a hole in the original leather. To stop this, get Vibram rubber on the bottom after the boot is completely broken in. It should take one week depending how often you’re sporting your new boots.

6. If the boots do get very wet do not dry them with heat or a blow drier! This will dry out the leather and cause it to crack. Just set the boots down in room temperature. When your boots are dry and shaped. Recondition them using the Leather N Rich to retain the moisture the leather has.

Caring for exotic boots:

Shoe shapers are a must for lizard, snake, crocodile, alligator, ostrich and any other exotic skin. Keep these skins out of direct sunlight unless you’re strolling around the desert herding buffalo. Keep them in the original box or shoe bags. You do not want a pair of alligator boots wrinkled up. There is a fine membrane between the scales and dust can accumulate in the dimples of the skin. It is important to pass a cloth over the skin to prevent any dust accumulating. It shortens the lifespan of the leather considerably. There are several good reptile cleaners on the market and they’re also readily available at any shoe repair store. We also have a reptile cleaner you can order here. http://bit.ly/1Tdhx4p