Why Wear Cowboy Boots in the Summer?

Posted by Jaylin on 17th Jul 2019

Why Wear Cowboy Boots in the Summer?

You ever have a rat run across your bare toes? Let's avoid that this summer. 

We’re dispensing with the accepted understanding that summer in a walking city is for open-toed shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, slides––we’re over ‘em. Even in the ungodly heat of a New York City summer, I always opt for my cowboy boots. I find that my boots are the perfect hot-weather walking, dancing, kickin’ shoes, as they strike that holy trinity of comfort, breathability, and style. All the Southwesterners (I'm lookin' at you Texans, Arizonians, and Tennesseeians) out there have known this for years, but I’m just sharing the wisdom.

With a pair of handmade Western boots, you don’t need to worry about synthetic materials that make your feet sweat and stink, as with most sneakers and sandals. All of the boots we carry are made with all natural leathers, meaning your feet are free to breathe and stay fresh. Cowboy boots also protect your delicate foot skin from the sun and they’re THE best walking shoes thanks to the all-leather soles and heels. Plus, you really don’t want to get caught in that sticky summer rain with a pair of flip-flops (which we all know are only appropriate for taking out the recycling). 

Oh and cowboy boots are SEXY as HELL. You can wear them with skirts, shorts, and rompers, just like you would your sandals, but without risking city-crud-toe-jam. You can perfect that festival look with a flashy, colorful, or rhinestoned pair while protecting your feet from grass, dust, and getting stepped on. And there are always the ankle-cut cowboy booties if you prefer to show a lil more leg. Most importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice style or wearability for comfort with your boots. Your sense of fashion and hygiene will thank you.

So, yeah, we think you should put your toes away this sizzler of a summer. Unless you think it’s nice to soak them in the nasty, sh*t-filled city puddles. To each her own.