​#WhereWillYourBootsTakeYou: Planet Cowboy Presents Katie & Andrea Acid American NYC Live Music Gig

Posted by Micheal Counter on 15th Mar 2020

​#WhereWillYourBootsTakeYou: Planet Cowboy Presents Katie & Andrea Acid American NYC Live Music Gig

While March is Women’s History Month, it’s always time to celebrate women when it comes to Planet Cowboy. Just in time for International Women’s Day (#IWD2020), two of our US brand ambassadors stopped by Space Cowboy NYC for a free performance that featured boots, booze, and two belles known as Acid Americana duo Katie & Andrea.

Planet Cowboy Presents, our monthly music showcase, hosted Katie & Andrea, an L.A-based Acid Americana duo featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Katie Skene (California Kind) and pedal steel/fiddle player Andrea White(Zucchero, Shania Twain).


Katie and Andrea with owner Jaylin 

trying on their new boots!

Andrea in Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir, Katie in Rhinestone Cowgirl

“Thank you to Space Cowboy NYC for hosting us!” shared Skene. “We had the best time playing and thank you for the boots, hats and whiskey and basically everything that keeps us happy.”

These musicians who have each worked for many years in the jam band/Americana scene, sharing the stage with prominent artists including Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), and Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers Band). Now they have joined forces to create original music that they have dubbed "Acid Americana.” Their music melds vintage rock, blues, country, folk, and California psychedelia into a melodic dreamscape of sound that is sparking a buzz in the jam band community.

Whitt announced the band’s latest release. “Our cover of “Candyman” comes out on Friday, March 13th, so please please give it a listen.” click here for youtube link

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