What is the perfect WEDDING foot wear. It's cowboy boots and I'll tell you why!

THE PERFECT WEDDING SHOES, OR SHALL WE SAY BOOTS. Whether you are having a western wedding or not this could be the perfect foot wear!  Why not a little bling and comfort too. White cowgirl boots on your wedding night.  Who doesn't want to look fabulous and feel uber comfortable throughout the day!!  And, what an adorned compliment to any wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses or after wedding party!! At about 2 inches high it's enough heel but plenty of comfort. You may not want to take your wedding boots off at the end of the night!! ;) Try them out! We accept returns. What do you got to lose? And the best part is you can wear them after the wedding!!

At Space Cowboy Boots we got a few options for you!  Our Rhinestone Cowgirl boots are made by our house brand, Planet Cowboy.  This is a super white and 2.5 inches tall boot with red interior and sparkling with Rhinestone throughout!  P.S.  We got the all-white American made leather hats in stock too!!

Then we got the Rios of Mercedes custom white roper boots. Wow! Who wants to talk about not having to take your boots off at the end of the your wedding day. Your feet will be so happy!! 

We also have a few pair left of the Liberty Handmade Missouri vamp stitch boots.  Those heels are closer to 3" but for that height and comfort and style you cannot go wrong!!

Got Any Questions email us here!! We love our customers!!