1st Nov 2015

What I learned from Pedro Munoz at the Stallion Trunk Show

"There is only one way to make a cowboy boot, by hand". The words said by Pedro Munoz founder of Stallion Boot Company. If you own a pair of Stallion boots then you know the feel and quality of a handmade cowboy boot.

Pedro Munoz mentioned,  "In this decade there are not many shoe stores that do custom made to measure footwear anymore.  It's an American tradition that needs to continue to stand the test of time." 

A typical shoe shop carries one width these days. Years ago widths in all styles were available in all lengths. Now a days, many people buy shoes that are to long or short for their feet to compensate for width.  Others wear sneakers or lace up shoes because they can adjust the width manually. But that does not mean the sole of the footwear is the correct width.  That does not mean that the arch is in the right place supporting your feet and giving comfort. 

Then there is the old fashion COWBOY BOOT. I learned about my feet as Pedro took my measurements and sketched my feet.  He explained precisely why I feel underneath my feet in shoes and sneakers is uncomfortable to me. He explained to me that I have two different sized feet, 10.5 on the left and 10 on the right.  To my surprise different size feet are very common but like most people I did not know.  My feet are very long, narrow flat feet with low arches.  I've been wearing size 9.5 shoes as my feet get squished.  So yeah I have very particular feet. He proceeded to explain my arches were elongated so when I am in any shoe I don't feel the support where it should be, underneath the arch.   Instead the support hits me under the heel and boy is that uncomfortable. 

My point of my foot story is we need more custom shoe makers.  American tradition is not just sentimental it's practical, it's preventative in the long run to have proper arch support.  Even my ankles and knees feel great when standing all day and walking a lot of miles in cowboy boots.   Everyones feet are very different. It's a myth that one size sneaker/shoes fits all.  It was a great and educational experience learning about the process of handmade footwear.

Call or come down to Space Cowboy Boots and try a pair on, get custom measured and most importantly INVEST IN YOUR FEET.  Talk to me and the owners, Jaylin and Paul.  Your feet and back will thank you! 

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