There’s a Real Cowgirl in NYC!

Posted by Space Cowboy on 30th May 2019

There’s a Real Cowgirl in NYC!

And her name is Bam

I was the youngest of three. My siblings and I used to race through our lawn with bikes, pretending they were horses. When I was five, we got our first American Quarter Horse, Major, and all of us fit on him at the same time. Finally, we had a real horse to take us on adventures. We joined a horse-focused youth group called 4-H and were soon were trotting around barrels in local horse shows. A neighbor introduced us to larger shows through the Rainbow Saddle Club and Western Saddle Club Association. We acquired a Featherlight horse trailer, more saddles, and more horses. Our summers turned into show season.

So what is a Minnestota barrel-racer now doing in NYC? Becoming an actress, of course! One day a few months ago, I was window-shopping my way through Soho when I spotted a display of real-deal cowboy boots and accessories. My Converse sneakers feeling suddenly out of place, I opened the wood door and inhaled that rich, familiar scent of leather. Memories of oiling up saddles, slipping on my Justin boots, and hopping on my horses rushed back. From up the stairs came a bright smile and accent that welcomed me into the haven of authentic and custom made kicks––kicks like the ones I used to race in. I turned over a pair of Stallion boots in my hands, traced the stitching, felt the real leather soles and lemonwood pegs. I placed a cattleman pinched hat on my head. I felt at home.

While New York City is a whole different sort of rodeo than the ones I used to participate in, the Space Cowboy vibe settled my cowgirl soul. The cowgirls and boys of NYC might not be roping calves or racing horses down Broadway, but luckily we can connect to our roots through and with authentic style. Space Cowboy boots represent that essential part of myself, remind me of home when I’m far from it, and keep me giddy-uppin’ into the future, whether that may be baling hay on the ranch or wrangling my way through this urban rodeo.

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