The Hattie Old Gringo Boot is Here and She Can Strap It On or Off!

Posted by Jaylin Ramer on 13th Nov 2016

The Hattie Old Gringo Boot is Here and She Can Strap It On or Off!

This is one of my most favorite cowboy boots of the Fall season!  As a New Yorker we don't have a lot of room in our closet, so it's nice to have a boot as versatile as the Hattie Fringe boot. It deserves it's own blog and it's own video.  If you love the Hattie let us know. We only have a small batch in stock, but we can make more! Email us, blog about it, post it, call us.  We'll get the point.

So let's break it down.  The Hattie Old Gringo Boot comes with three strap that you can take off or leave on.  All have snaps for easy on and off.

1- triple wrap diamond brass studs

2- single wrap round studs

3- fringe strap with studs

It's comes assemble all dressed up with three straps on and looks amazing.  If you wanted to just unsnap the fringe and store it away, you can use the double straps around the shaft of the boot. It also looks great to style it with the longer/double strap under the arch.  This gives it a motorcycle boot look.  

I personally like it with just the single strap.

My colleague thinks the fringe strap and the single stud looks great together.  

And, for the modest, simple boot look, then completely go "strapless."  This is that urban cowboy look we New York fashionistas are familiar with.  

Please share your favorite looks and ideas of the Hattie boot by pinning, and posting.  Thanks, Space Cowboy Boots