Ask us anything about cowboy boots! AKA cowBOOTS.
9th Oct 2018 | Posted by Planet Cowboy

Ask us anything about cowboy boots! AKA cowBOOTS.

If this is your first time purchasing cowBOOTS (we like to call them that!), there are a bunch of things that may be helpful in trying on your first pair. No pressure:Each boot has an area in the front called a 'toe box'. Underneath the leather within this toe box is a resin soaked, fiberglass like piece of cloth which has been hardened so the boot will keep its shape. This area will never stretch! Therefore, it's important that you are able to wiggle your toes. They shouldn't be pressured …
27th Jun 2018 | Posted by Talia Ramer

It's Summer... Let's Rock Some Boots!

It’s summertime in the city! You’ve got your cowboy boots for the season and you’re ready to rock ‘em through the New York streets. Some thoughts may be running through your mind - such as, “What outfit is best to pair with my boots?” Space Cowboy has got you covered. We know exactly the right clothes to wear with your boots that’ll keep you both looking and feeling cool.The key aspect of our boots is that they’re a staple accessory to your outfit no matter the season. You may be thinking that n …
​Gents, wana feel like a Cowboy in the Big Apple? (But, it's ONLY between you and maybe your significant other)
7th Feb 2018 | Posted by Jaylin Ramer

​Gents, wana feel like a Cowboy in the Big Apple? (But, it's ONLY between you and maybe your significant other)

It's really no one business you got boots on under those pants. Then, come on down to our old school store and try on a pair of American made Roper Boots. This handmade, Texas ropers, will impress with it's construction and comfort. Made by the oldest running boot company since 1883, Rios of Mercedes Texas, these boots will have you feeling like a cowboy underneath that Wall Street suit or Levi's jeans. Each pair is made by hand with a Goodyear welt. The leather is str …
5th Aug 2017 | Posted by Jaylin Ramer

Nicole Kidman in Love Magazine Showing Off Her Down to Earth Western Glam!

If there were another country most similar to the USA it would be Australia.  USA, the Wild West, Australia: the Wild, Wild West! Both inhabited by the Brits, both know how to wear Western Fashion, and Both enjoy the inhabitance of Nicole Kidman.   In this summers issue of the "Love" magazine, Celebrity Kidman shows off some very cool Concrete Cowgirl looks!  That country glam shines in this Love Magazine issue and shows off her fabulous 50 figure!  Space Cowboy loved pa …
11th Jul 2017 | Posted by Jaylin Ramer

Distress Yourself! Be inspired by the Western Style of the 50's and 60's Cowboys

Lately everywhere I look online or in brick and mortar stores, I see so many establishments selling western boots with shelves upon shelves of "distressed looking" boots.  All brandy-new straight from the factory, but beat up looking as if the previous owner put their time in walking around dusty roads, drinking beer, and working on the farm.  People want that authentic cowboy look. They come in our store with their distressed $300 jeans and holey shirts.  They ask us often, "are …