Ask us anything about cowboy boots! AKA cowBOOTS.
9th Oct 2018 | Posted by Planet Cowboy

Ask us anything about cowboy boots! AKA cowBOOTS.

If this is your first time purchasing cowBOOTS (we like to call them that!), there are a bunch of things that may be helpful in trying on your first pair. No pressure:Each boot has an area in the front called a 'toe box'. Underneath the leather within this toe box is a resin soaked, fiberglass like piece of cloth which has been hardened so the boot will keep its shape. This area will never stretch! Therefore, it's important that you are able to wiggle your toes. They shouldn't be pressured …
Music and Drinkin
30th Apr 2018 | Posted by Summer Maloy

Music and Drinkin

It’s festival season y’all! When festival season comes around we all have one major thing on our minds. We might have thought about what bands are playing but what is really on out mind is WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR! Lets make this post all about packing for your festival. How to pack for the weekend without packing your closet, selecting the right gear to be fashionable but also functional and most importantly what outfits will set you apart from those of bejeweled boho chicks we all know …
19th May 2014

2014 Annual Stallion Trunk Show

Pedro Munoz, owner and designer of Stallion Boots and Belts, is coming to Space Cowboy Boots!Stallion Boot Company is located in El Paso Texas with al of its finest, newest, and world wide selection of exotic leathers. Pedro Munoz himself will help you design and properly fit your boot on May 24th, 2014. Call and make an appointment today and meet with our team and Pedro Munoz.Friday Night May 23rd Pre- Trunk Show soiree with live music by Julia Haltigan. We are here to help you create and …
14th Feb 2014 | Posted by Jaylin

Hand made SUPREME Cowgirl Boot

This one is special enough to be the first on our blog for custom orders.  Black hand tooled boot with PINK CROCODILE inlay. Custom designed pulls and inlay cut outs.  Solid and sassy for all the URBAN COWGIRLS. Who has there name on this one?