Posted by SpaceCowboyBootsNYC on 1st Feb 2016

Spread the word, spread the love

We want to get the word out. Will you help? Who understands that “it only takes one try-on of a COWBOY BOOT to understand why they have stood the test of time”? Anyone following here who has not tried on an all-leather, handcrafted #cowboyboot, aren’t you curious? What are you waiting for? Giddy up! For those of you already in-the-know, please give a SHOUT OUT to #cowboyboots and @spacecowboybootsNYC! For those of you who have trouble walking without cowboy boots, please SHARE YOUR STORY in the comments! The folks in Texas handcrafting these amazing boots need to hear from you for INSPIRATION. Let’s help keep the trade alive and well. Give these artisans a reason to pass along the craft to their grandchildren because of overwhelming ADORATION and DEMAND. When you buy handmade #cowboyboots, not only do you get a #futurevintage boot, you also get to #wearableart made in the USA on your feet for many, many years!