Planet Engso Hattery on Mulberry Street, NYC

Posted by Jaylin Ramer on 12th Mar 2019

Planet Engso Hattery on Mulberry Street, NYC

Erkki Engso is famous on Nolita's, Mulberry Street's shopping strip. Mostly, he is known for making handmade leather accessory right on the premise of various neighbor's shops. This past year, he's even been seen at the Prince Street Market. We are thrilled to connect with Engso's kindred, entrepreneurial, artesian spirit; he has made a home in our little Space Cowboy shop.

jacket & hat by Engso

It fits! We sell handmade, all natural, leather cowboy boots, and Engso designs and creates leather accessories, like wallets, bags, belts, and jackets. Each piece made stitch-by-stitch. Since November, I've been watching folks indulge incessantly in his artisan practical designs, often, they'll wait at the door for his arrival.

One day I ask him to make me a leather hat band for my American Hat Co. Grizzly. So, he went to work creating a modern cognac leather 1 1/2" band with his signature character.

Instinctually, this hat band inspired Engso to create a boutique array of hat bands.  Then Egnso's new line of modern cowboy hats evolved. 

Born now, Planet Engso Hats, a reinvented modern western hat collection using the bones of our Planet Cowboy Hats. Planet Engso Hats can be wool and/or fur blends. They are one-of-a-kind, stripped down, reshaped, cut, burned, dyed, and hole punched trademarked made right at his Space Cowboy Boots shop work station.

Today we are releasing a few online for purchase.  Check them out!

Please, pop by personally and check them out if you're in NYC. And maybe you'll watch Engso working on the sidewalk bench catching some rays or inside at his work station making his New York City custom, handmade masterpieces.

We are old school and like it that way!