Old Gringo's Mayra Boots, They are Tall and Sassy and.... yes, they make a boot statement alright!

Purple Boots are decadent! 

Most women have a red or pink pair that is their signature, stand out boot.  They may wear it on days they feel super bold and sassy. But, just maybe, you ladies would consider purple!  Above all else, if given the choice, a "Dirty Purple" 17" tall cowgirl boot called " The Marya,"  The Marya style boot, by Old Gringo, looks sexy with shorts or a short skirt. And, if you are in the mood for a little bit of pizzazz why not pointy purple boots and jeans or long skirt. That sexy long pointy toe peaking out of those flair bottoms will make a not so subtle statement! But hey, isn't that the point of wearing fun, colorful cowgirl boots. I say go for it, skip the red if you haven't gotten it yet.  And, if you have red, then you must add the Marya Dirty Purple boots to your cowgirl collection. 

Just saying.. and ..yes I'm biased. :)

ps. Dirty Purple Mayra style by Old Gringo Boots, is a custom color exclusive to Space Cowboy Boots.  So if you desire one, go for it while your size in this small batch run is still around.

pss.  We also have the famous Sora in Dirty Purple as well.  (click the link for details). 

pps. We also stock them in BLACK, CHOCOLATE, BRASS & RED, if that is what you desire, Space Cowboy's got you covered:)!!!!