Posted by Jaylin Ramer on 5th Aug 2017

Nicole Kidman in Love Magazine Showing Off Her Down to Earth Western Glam!

If there were another country most similar to the USA it would be Australia.  USA, the Wild West, Australia: the Wild, Wild West! Both inhabited by the Brits, both know how to wear Western Fashion, and Both enjoy the inhabitance of Nicole Kidman.   

In this summers issue of the "Love" magazine, Celebrity Kidman shows off some very cool Concrete Cowgirl looks!  That country glam shines in this Love Magazine issue and shows off her fabulous 50 figure!  Space Cowboy loved participating in loaning out hats, vintage red chaps, and 1970's remake cognac boots with red flower inlays. 

Holy Cow Mrs. Kidman thanks for making our boots and hats look even hotter!