Naughty or Nice Western Gifts for the Holidays

18th Dec 2019

Naughty or Nice Western Gifts for the Holidays

There's so much holiday spirit flowing through our store during the month of December and into the new year. We love helping our customers find the perfect handmade, long lasting Western gift for their friends, families, and of course for themselves! We're riding that Western lifestyle into 2020 and channeling Cowboy Christmas (Cowboy Hannukah?) with this NAUGHTY or NICE list featuring the most festive items Space Cowboy Boots has to offer this holiday season. 

It's All Red With Me Boots by Planet Cowboy (Our House Brand!)

A luscious cowgirl boot handmade with all natural RED leather? It's NAUGHTY how NICE (and comfortable) these boots are.

Chocolate Cherry Bomb Zorro Boots by Stallion Boot Co.

Brown and red for an earthy but celebratory holiday season? NICE.

Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir Boots by Planet Cowboy

The Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir Slip this handcrafted fits-like-a-glove boot on for a wintry evening get-together....NAUGHTY ;)

Eagle and Wine Sky Boot by Old Gringo

We all know you want to walk into the new year with the funky, all-American, inlaid eagle flavor these handmade Old Gringo bring. And they're on sale? NICE.

Black Bangora Straw Hat

This Planet Cowboy handmade black straw hat is going to be a functional fashion staple for 2020. Genuine leather band and tightly woven Bangora straw? Honestly, NAUGHTY AND NICE.

Space Cowboy Bamboo T-Shirts

The softest 100% natural bamboo T-Shirts with the logo of the only authentic Western store in the tri-state area. Or snag some with one of our specialty graphics. For the whole family. NIIIIIIICE.