Music and Drinkin

Posted by Summer Maloy on 30th Apr 2018

Music and Drinkin

It’s festival season y’all! When festival season comes around we all have one major thing on our minds. We might have thought about what bands are playing but what is really on out mind is WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR! Lets make this post all about packing for your festival. How to pack for the weekend without packing your closet, selecting the right gear to be fashionable but also functional and most importantly what outfits will set you apart from those of bejeweled boho chicks we all know will be flooding the stages.

Lets chat about packing, I know we all wait to the last minute to truly decide what we are bring for a weekend of drinking and dancing but keep this in mind.
  • There is dust.. lots of dust. Sandals? Are you crazy.
  • It’s hot and there are no trees. Sunburn much? 
  • Where is your cowboy hat?
  • Western Wear was made for weather at festivals use it to your advantage.

Boots can be a great way to keep your feet clean from dust and with all that walking your feet will thank you for a great boot that can withstand the weather. You won’t regret leaving the heels at home with these red boots.

Red and pink are a great pair for spring. Pink with its soft desert tones makes the red just pop. Adding red and pink accessories is a great way to be able to mix and match your looks without packing three of everything. White dresses and shirts are great to have a versatile look with your pink and red accessories. You can add an even bigger pop by adding a red top and lipstick. Any way you put it if you have the proper accessories, you can have many options for the weekend.