How is a Cowboy Boots Supposed to Fit?

Posted by Jaylin Ramer on 2nd May 2017

How is a Cowboy Boots Supposed to Fit?

Paul and I get asked just about every day, "How are my cowboy boots supposed to fit?" For those that never put on a cowboy boots, this make complete sense. They often look pointy and have a high heel. Ouch and strange! To many this visual forewarns discomfort. But, for people that never put one on, and then do, they are usually pleasantly surprised on how comfortable a well-made cowboy boots feel. Luckily, for us and ya'all who know boots, when fitted properly, they are super comfy. This may explain one of the reasons why cowboy boots have been an American tradition for over 200 years.

So here are some deets: In a cowboy boot, ones toes needs to be about 3/4" to 1 ½ ” back from the tip of the boot. So unless you have (as Pauly says) an unusually long middle "tree hanging toe," then the tip of your toes should start to go into the toe box a tad, but not take up the toe box. The second feeling that is strange to some first time boot wears is the slip in the heel while you walk. I like to say it feels almost like a flip flop. A heel coming up ¼” to 1” as you walk is mandatory. If your heel is not coming up when you walk in a cowboy boot, then the boot is too short for you, your toes will be squished and you have a hell of a time getting them off. Also, that heel slip will dissipate some once the sole breaks in.

Comfort…is key. A cowboy boots should feel comfortable right from the start. If you cannot wiggle your toes and those piggies feel crushed, the boot is too small. And, no, it will not stretch over time in the toe area. You will need to have your boots stretched manually by us or your local boot maker. There needs to be firmness at the top of the foot, the instep. This is where laces would be if cowboy boots had them. The instep of a cowboy boot can also be stretched by us or a boot repair place.

Many boots fitters will tell you it is very important to think about the sole of the foot. Walk around in the store and think about how the bottom of your foot feels. Is the arch in the right place? Cowboy boots have a natural steel shank arch support. Some of our customers don't even need their orthotics when wearing cowboy boots.

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