Happy 60th Birthday Paul!

Posted by Jaylin on 31st Aug 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Paul!

Since circa 1980's Soho, Greyshock has been selling cowboy boots in NYC. 

Today, folks all over the globe are still walking around in "vintage"
cowboy boots Paul sold and/or designed at Buffalo Chips or Space Cowboy Boots

600 custom boots designed plus...
600 Magazines layouts plus..
600 celebrities fan plus...
60,000 boots sold plus..... and Paul is still a pioneer in the high end, high fashion western boot industry in New York City!

Soon, let the full legendary story be told and the blog story expanded.

Here's to many more Birthdays Paulie The G! AND.. THANK YOU for making so many of us laugh and have gooooood lookin happy feet!!

— at Space Cowboy Boots.