Halsey dancing in our Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir boots on SNL

Posted by Jayiln Ramer on 7th Feb 2020

Halsey dancing in our Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir boots on SNL

Halsey's boots are made for dancing ... some would say. She loves wearing Planet Cowboy's new chic Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir Boots. These boots are the latest addition to our house brand's Psychedelic Collection. Halsey's boots, urban cowgirl look, and sound will give Lil Nas X (another big celebrity fan of Space Cowboy Boots) some competition!

Halsey boots by Planet Cowboy

We are so excited for Halsey! Her dance moves and voice are captivating. She deserves it with such incredible talent, charisma, and vulnerability, it's hard for me to even keep my eyes on our Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir boots while she was dancing and singing on SNL. 

Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir Boots

Rhinestone Cowgirl Noir Halsey Boots

We are thrilled that she loves wearing our super sexy, comfortable bling bling boots. It's so rare for Halsey to wear anything twice since she has hundreds of options, but for this song "You Should Be Sad", she also wore them in her music video. It means a lot for our 'lil store and household brand, Planet Cowboy!


Our next mission is to have her in our white original Rhinestone Cowgirl boots and maybe even the entire Planet Cowboy Psychedelic Collection. Planet Cowboy's colors and styles of boots would fit her demand for design and traditional American boots!

Below is the video to check out Halsey's boots on Saturday Night Live. Last night on SNL, these beauties shined on stage along with Halsey's sexy cowgirl performance of her new single "You Should Be Sad." These boots were made for dancing!!

Check out Halsey's boots in the following video, behind the scenes of her newest single "You Should Be Sad."

We love you, Halsey – keep shining and inspiring!