​Gents, wana feel like a Cowboy in the Big Apple? (But, it's ONLY between you and maybe your significant other)

It's really no one business you got boots on under those pants. Then, come on down to our old school store and try on a pair of American made Roper Boots. This handmade, Texas ropers, will impress with it's construction and comfort.

Made by the oldest running boot company since 1883, Rios of Mercedes Texas, these boots will have you feeling like a cowboy underneath that Wall Street suit or Levi's jeans. Each pair is made by hand with a Goodyear welt.

The leather is strong and luxurious, and the inner sole feels like you are walking on a cloud.  Best part is ...this cowboy boots get even better with age, the more you wear them, the better they feel. Not just on your feet, but your back and knees will feel supported and comfortable.&

Ok, I lied the best part really is, the ladies love the look! You'll get the extra look and comment when you flash the shaft of the boot, I'd almost guarantee it. ;)So come on down to our Nolita shop , order it online here! or email us to order here! or call us at 646 559 4779 for more questions.  And, yes we can do custom colors and sizes in any boots.  Why, because we are old school and that what we do at Space Cowboy NYC!