Posted by Gregory Dickson on 10th Jul 2015

Fashion Cowboys in New York City

Planet Cowboy is about high fashion, custom design and handmade American craftsmanship. Did we say we are in New York City!? Yes, we are in the high fashion capital of the world in the heart of soho.

Planet Cowboy is not about ranches, rodeo cosplay, or texans with 10 gallon hats. It is about us New Yorkers, our lifestyle, walking and living in a concrete jungle. We walk miles upon miles of gray concrete and we LOVE every single foot step we take.

Our Planet Cowboy boots are louder than city traffic, brighter than the lights that outshine the stars in the sky and tougher than the construction workers and buildings they build. Our boots are a reflection of all of our surroundings in this wild urban sprawl.

We reflect the soul of New York City along with the old tradition of hand made goods. With every custom hand made pair you will truly experience what a cowboy boot feels like, so much your feet will feel like they have never walked a step.