Every once in a while I'm inspired to blog about a boot! Well, This 20th Century Inspiration Sure did me in!

Ol San Antonio Rose 20th Century inspired Cowgirl Boots. Seriously this is as #concretecowgirl as it gets. So hot, and so handmade. Who wouldn't want to make a statement in the New Year with a pair of these on??  The carved silver heels are impressive!  

Cowboy boots are a work of art and this kind of workmanship and hand craftsmanship is so, American tradition.  Just take a look at the hand carved leather, floral conchos, and of course, THE carved silver heels. 

WOW!  And, I love the wing tip with nails, so western style classic. 


DD Ranch was inspired by the tooled silver heels of a Dale Evan's vintage cowboy boot they saw at auction and are now restoring.  

Thanks Double D Ranch Wear for taking on reinventing this boot for us all to enjoy!   Ol San Antonio Rose Boot