Posted by Jaylin Ramer on 11th Jul 2017

Distress Yourself! Be inspired by the Western Style of the 50's and 60's Cowboys

Lately everywhere I look online or in brick and mortar stores, I see so many establishments selling western boots with shelves upon shelves of "distressed looking" boots.  All brandy-new straight from the factory, but beat up looking as if the previous owner put their time in walking around dusty roads, drinking beer, and working on the farm.  People want that authentic cowboy look. They come in our store with their distressed $300 jeans and holey shirts.  They ask us often, "are the boots on your shelf used or new?"  "No, they are mostly new," we say.  

Well, today I'm here to share our new Planet Cowboy boot Retro Edition.  They are sure pretty and shiny, gents, but you'll have to put your time into wearing them down personally. Don't at least a few of you feel as I do, that cowboy boots deserve the love of time spent to self-patina?  I say, spill some of your own beer on them, scratch the toe, put your time in, concrete cowboys!. Earn the vintage look! Have every little ding be from a great night out. Your friends will respect you for it. 

Then in about a month or two or three, folks will think they are about 50 years old.  The difference is, you'll know you did the work personally and not some guy's grandfather from the 60's. 

Give us your two cents: What mark on your clothes or shoes do you remember making? 

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