Brides who wear cowboy boots are SEXY!!!

Posted by Planet Cowgirl on 14th Jun 2016

Brides who wear cowboy boots are SEXY!!!

Yeah, it’s true that a lot of brides opt for heels on their wedding day, but, let’s face it, heels are not the best choice. First of all, they suck when it comes to back and foot health. And even though this is your big day, relaxing it’s not. You’re mostly on your feet schmoozing relatives who haven’t seen you since you were “this big,” holding poses for the photographer, and bustin’ a move with your new hubby on the dance floor. Plus, if the venue is the great outdoors, who wants to navigate Mother Nature in a pair of stilettos??? So we here at Space Cowboy Boots say screw heels; on the big day, wear cowboy boots instead!

Not only will wearing cowboy boots ensure your lil' piggies stay comfy, but cowboy boots can be customized to the design your heart desires. Dreaming of a pair in turquoise, hot pink, antique white, or all three? No problem! Wanna add embroidery or hand-carving? We gotcha covered! One popular trend with bridal cowboy boots is to have them monogrammed with a personalized detail that transforms your boots into a memento of your wedding that you can cherish forever!  

Oh -- and did we mention how dang SEXY cowboy boots are on a bride? Just check out these gorgeous looks:

Brides, give us a call or hit us up on email at ... Whether you’re going for that down-home traditional western look or a uniquely chic bridal style, we’ll consult with you to help find the perfect pair of boots for your wedding. Mazeltov!