30th Jan 2015

Boots for the Dubai Polo Club, Designed in NYC

It's not unusual to take a customer's request for a custom boot. In fact, we do it all the time! It doesn't happen everyday that we get a request from a polo club, but one of our friends from the Dubai Polo Academy inquired, and we took on the challenge. How exciting!

Good things happen in collaboration, so we partnered up with our longtime friend Pedro of Stallion Boots. We call Stallion and, yes, of course they can make custom Polo boots for a special client like Space Cowboy. The customer and I coordinated every detail. First we get his foot, calf and height measured to the best possible centimeter. Then we choose a dark brown special French calfskin, also know as Dupuy tanned calf. Polo boots are layered for triple thickness with vegetable calf lining, and this leather is even more resilient than French calf. We wanted the strongest, most luxurious quality skin one can find. Next, we sought to design a special type of Polo boot with a "western" styling, including, roper toe, scallop collar - fancy XG eight row stitch pattern and fleur-de-lis pulls with "T" initials. We send in the order and talk back and forth via emails to Dubai, just to check measurements, leathers, and styling. 

A (very) long eight weeks go by and voila, they are absolutely stunning! I'm in love to say the least and so are our social media fans. Now they're off to Dubai and we hold our breath until the good news arrives.

Bring on more Polo boots Space Cowboy fans, whether it be for practicality or style!