American Hat Co. Family Stops In

22nd Aug 2015

American Hat Co. Family Stops In

American Hat Co. Family and Space Cowboy BootsAmerican Hat Co. family stopped in to pay a visit at our little urban shop. Mom, Dan and there two beautiful daughters were warmly welcomed at Space Cowboy Boots. 

American Hat Co has been our premium selling hat in NYC since Paul owned Buffalo Chips back in the 80's.  

When we opened Space Cowboy Boots five years ago, Paul was firm on carrying only the best and that included American Hat Co. Why?  ....  For 100 years American Hat Co. has provided the highest, finest and stylish Cowboy hats available.  Many new Yorkers want as they want and American Hat does a perfect job when it comes to custom. You can choose fur color and combination of mink, rabbit and wool.  They run 10X all the way up to 1000X.  Customers can also choose a preferred band of ribbon or leather.  Lastly... pick any style brim, length, crown...etc.    American Hat furs are naturally water resistant so you can wear in the rain, sleet, or snow.  The Straw hats are finished with a polyurethane lacquer which seals the straw together and also waterproofs your cowboy hat.  This extra covering let's you wear it in the rain and shape you hat brim as you please without damaging the hat. 

So New Yorkers and visitors from close and far, why not go for comfort and fashion in all the seasons our big town endures!  

A western hat is a must accessory in NYC!

Thanks Again American Hat Co. for stopping by to say hello!  

Jaylin and Paul