Posted by Talia Ramer on 3rd Jul 2018

A Cowboy Hat Makes for a Western-Style Fourth of July Look

This year, the Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday. What does that mean?! We get TWO weekends to celebrate! While enjoying some quality time (and delicious food) with family and friends, we want to make sure we’re staying both trendy and cool - temperature wise that is. The perfect way to accomplish both of these goals is with a signature Planet Cowboy Hat! Picture it: sipping on an ice cold beer, the fireworks in the background, just polished off a few burgers, all while looking mighty fine thanks to that cowboy hat on your head!

For your girl - we recommend a light, fun straw hat that will leave you looking picturesque. Whether you’re laying out on the beach, by the lake, or just the privacy of your own backyard, this Planet Cowboy straw hat will give you the perfect summer vibes for your day in the sun.

Another fan favorite that comes highly recommended is the Jayway hat. Just last weekend, our founder and owner Jaylin rocked this classic hat at an outdoor Foreigner concert. Just imagine it: you, the music, the hat... what more could you ask for on the Fourth?

For your guy - let’s go for a darker look that will still keep the sun out of your eyes. This all-leather black handmade hat is truly one of a kind. It will most definitely be a conversation starter at your extended family gathering. The small talk will just flow - who doesn’t love an intriguing and mysterious black Cowboy Hat?

If you want to stay with the daring black theme but need a hat that the air can blow through, the incredibly authentic Tim McGraw is the way to go. This hat will make you feel like the ultimate cowboy while you're flipping those burgers and sipping an ice cold beer. The Tim McGraw is a fan favorite - definitely one of our best sellers!

For the sale - And finally, what better way to get in the white for your red, white, and blue attire then by an off white authentic fur felt hat! All you need is a red shirt and your favorite pair of blue jeans to complete the perfect Fourth look, oh and your cowboy boots of course! Our favorite thing about this year-round hat? It’s on sale!! Take $55 off your one of a kind hat this Fourth of July season. You can have your cake and eat it too!

We hope each and everyone of our customers enjoy their Fourth of July - whether that be one weekend or two!