1980's Rock & Roll Cowboy Look is Back

Posted by Gabe on 25th Oct 2019

1980's Rock & Roll Cowboy Look is Back

Some men say that boot shafts are like lingerie; you only show them in the privacy of your own home or to a lover. But we're protesting. Let's show off those shafts, boys. 

The forever trend, or so it seems, is that the fellas wear their cowboy boots under their pants while the gals get to have all the fun by showing off the often intricate, detailed shaft of their cowboy boots. Why is it that men don’t typically wear their boots on the outside of their pants? I just paid a ton for an expertly handcrafted piece of wearable art that only the inside of my pants gets to see? Would you hide a Picasso or your beautiful new Ferrari in your pants? Nope. There’s definitely something flirty about keeping your boots hidden and then having someone spy the leather and stitching as your pant leg rises up a little…but sometimes I want to flash the whole goddamn thing. 

Luckily for me, our current cultural fashion moment is looking back to the 80's, and that means––I'm calling it now––that the cowboy-boot-on-the-outside style is boomeranging back. Remember Bon Jovi? Steven Tyler? Slash? 80's music/fashion icons who unabashedly flaunted their big hair, leather fringe, and cowboy boots for the world to see? These guys looked incredible. Then there's the reality that when most of you gentlemen look in your closet, you'll barely find pants wide enough to accommodate your boots inside 'em. Out of both pants-related necessity and a dedication to the 80's style comeback, join me in pulling my boots up on over my jeans. 

Check out these guys' boots:

For an incredibly well-made Liberty boot with a similar retro black boot vibe, check this boot out. 

Check out Rios of Mercedes' Vintage-style Anthracite wingtip boots. 

Yeah we got that python x black shaft look right here!

Check out these other men's boots with delicious shafts:

Liberty Boot Co.'s 62 Muertos

Planet Cowboy Texas Benchmade Whiskey Fox

Old Gringo's Wine and Eagle Sky Boot

Planet Cowboy's Dig It 202